School Rules

Students are required to bring their school diary everyday.

Students should reach the school by 7:20AM.

Students are required to go to the assembly in orderly manner as soon as bell for assembly rings.

Students should always be neatly dressed with their shoes polished and hair done properly.

Girls with very short hair should wear hairbands.Those with shoulder-length hair should make a pony tail with an elastic band. Long hair should be plated and tied with an elastic band.

Finger nails must be cut short and kept clean.

Students are advised to make use of dustbins provided for throwing bits of paper, etc. They are expected to keep the campus neat and clean.

No student should shout or whistle in the school premises.

Students must take care of school property .Damaging school furniture, writing on walls,etc. will be dealt strictly. Students shall reimburse the cost of any school property damaged by them.

No student should bring mobile phones in school.

Students are always expected to set standards of good conduct and politeness in the school, in the buses and at public places .The school is judged by the conduct of the students. They should greet their teachers and elders whenever they meet them.