Evaluation System

A sound evaluation system is imperative to provide a feedback of the student’s progress to the parents, the teacher and the taught. In this institution evaluation is a continuous process which lakes the shape of class tests and terminals etc. at regular intervals. The assessment has purpose of promotion to the next higher class and is done on the basis of the performance of the student in class tests and exams, spread over the entire term. The date of these exams will be intimated by the respective class teachers and date sheets given.

Classes I to V
Grading System

Marks Range Grade Evaluation
90-100 A+ Excellent
80-89 A Very Good
70-79 B+ Good
60-69 B Average
50-59 C+ Needs Improvement
40-49 C  


Classes VI to X

Promotion is based on the day-to-day work of the students throughout the year and also on the performance in the FA & SA Examination

FA Formative assessment

SA Summative assessment

First term FA-1(10%) + FA-2 (10%)+SA-1(30%)= 50%

Second term FA-3(10%) + FA-4 (10%)+SA-2-(30%)= 50%

FA - Formative Assessment: School based internal assessment

Summative Assessment: Question Papers & Marking Scheme supplied by Board and assessment carried out by the School.

Grading System
Marks Range Grade Grade Point
91-100 A1 10
81-90 A2 9
71-80 B1 8
61-70 B2 7
51-60 C1 6
41-50 C2 5
33-40 D 4
0-32 E

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