Class XII 2016-17 Batch
College- Maulana Azad Medical College


A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work and persistence. Without being passionate and the willingness to work hard, no one can achieve success. To be a champion, I think one has to see the big picture. It's not about winning and losing; it's about everyday hard work and about thriving on a challenge. It's about embracing pain that you'll experience at end of a race and not being afraid. My success may have been extraordinary, but the path towards it can be summed up in the age old adage-"Practice makes a man perfect". All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. I ensured I got up early ,did a little bit of exercise, avoided junk food and social networking sites . Internet is not just Facebook and Instagram. It offers boundless opportunities for learning via interactive animations, video lectures and question banks. I made extensive use of these when I needed to go beyond what my books could offer. I believe if one wants to score high, having a schedule for study is necessary. The credit of my success goes to our honourable Principal Sir, teachers and my parents who always stood by my side and motivated me from time to time. I feel proud of being an alumni of Sukriti World School and now a Maulanian.

Class XII 2015-16 Batch
College- Hindu College Physics

In the world of great Jimmy Dear "You cannot change the direction of winds, but if you can adjust your sails, you can reach your destination" for me, the adjustments of sails to reach my destination was carried out by my school and parents. My story of excellence in Board Examinations was not just my solo effort, but it was a consequence of effective endeavour of my school and parents. My school provided me the appropriate environment throughout my growing years. The discipline that environment brought to me, became the backbone of principles on which I will continue to live my life. My school continuously evaluated me, made me believe in my potential and ignited the fire inside me to work harder. I tried to bring an appropriate balance in my studies, focusing more on quality than quantity. I studied hard from the first day of my class and I was determined to give my best. I believe in the dictum"Practice makes a man perfect" and don't believe in last minute miracles. I heartily express my gratitude to all teachers who worked upon me and enhanced my skills. I am indebted to our honorable Principal sir who motivated me from time to time and kept my hunger alive for achieving my goals.

Class XII 2015-16 Batch
College-M.S.Ramaiah Medical College

"I kept my focus clear towards the goal and I knew the fact that it was not about just clearing the CBSE exam; it was about getting the rank in the NEET to secure the future. CBSE class XII exams were always my first priority and I am really thankful to my school teachers who helped in getting through my exams. I really feel blessed to have the teachers who always supported me and had faith in me. I am also thankful to my Principal Sir who always helped me whenever I was in any problem. I firmly believe that there is no other mantra for success except hard work. I advise everyone to be simple and try to evolve new concepts in theory.

Class XII 2015-16 Batch
Lancaster Medical School (UK)

"There is no substitute for Hard Work," --Thomas A. Edison Reaching to top constitutes a lot of hard work and preparation. I believe time management is the key to success. It is imperative to manage your time well and plan everything out in advance. Study throughout the year instead of just cramming during exams, work smart and have realistic goals – these were the simple strategies of success adopted by me for my board examination. I used to write and rewrite everything I studied. It wasn't a matter of studying or remembering before the exams, I wanted to understand things and it was only if I could teach myself. A healthy environment both at home and school, time management, working on everyone's expectations helped me score high in board examinations.

Class XII 2015-16 Batch
College-Daulat Ram College Chemistry

"The word impossible does not exist for me and I have the strong conviction that everything is possible when a man is determined." And it is this belief which helped me in my examination. I gave importance to all ways of preparations, be it school or self-study, as everything has its own relevance. I followed a time table religiously that consisted of alternate study of easy and tough subjects and was regular with my studies throughout the year. My main focus was to correct my shortcomings and to reinforce what I already knew. The encouragement and efforts of my teachers and parents contributed to my success in board examination. My Principal Sir always taught me to believe in myself and never to take any stress. I believe to get success in life one ought to control his/her desire, direct action to a specific aim, live simple and think high rather than paying more attention to fashion, friends and luxury items.

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