Workshops & Seminars

Workshops provide schools with the opportunity to train their entire staff and students on their own school premises, and to focus upon select programmed issues and strategies.Workshops and seminars can bring learning to life and help make our schools more creative, engaging and imaginative places to be.

Pottery Workshop - This was a one-on-one experience with professional potter who demystified the craft with a hands-on experience. There was a discussion of how pots were made and used; A hands-on element which gives the children something to keep from the day's work.

Workshop on Effective Teaching of Environment Education in School – To implement this approach, teachers were trained during the workshop to be aware of the environmental issues and concerns, to learn new teaching skills and activities and integrate Environment Education in subject specific teaching.

Interactive Workshop on English Languageby Sanjay Sinha– He explained the need to use simple descriptive words to get the attention of the young readers.He also introduced the teachers and students to some interesting ways of inculcating reading habits among the children from an early age.

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